Why Mobile App Advertising Makes Sense

mobile advertisingMobile marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to local business owners today. With mobile app advertising you can reach a highly targeted audience, including people who have clear purchase intent.

Mobile phones are near-ubiquitous today, and more and more people are using their smartphones as their primary means of accessing the internet, shopping and doing product research. This means that the mobile audience has become far too big to ignore.

Mobile app advertising allows you to reach those users, and it offers great targeting options so that you can be confident that you will reach the right people, at the right time. You can even target people by the geographic area that they are in, which means that you will reach people who are looking to buy the product or service you offer, at a time when they are best able to take advantage of the offer.

The best thing about mobile advertising is the immediacy of it. There are a lot of different advertising options out there, including in-app advertisements, local search, and even things like bluetooth ads which will be pushed to users when they walk past your store or a certain stand.

Advertising on mobile devices gives you granular control over who to reach, and the time you reach them. Instead of paying for clicks on an ad that may be coming from someone who is from another city or even another country, you get people who live nearby, and who are clearly interested in what you have to offer.

This is particularly true for restaurants and entertainment venues. If a local user pulls out their mobile phone to look for pizza shops, there’s a high chance that it’s because they want to buy pizza, right now. By having a strong mobile advertizing presence, you can reach that user and get them to act on that purchase intent by contacting your company. With ad extensions like the click to call feature, the user can tap on the ad and get in touch with you right away. Alternatively, they can tap on your address and get directions to your shop, with no fuss, no hassle and no delays. This means that the biggest barriers to conversion are removed, and you have a strong chance of securing a buyer. They get the products they are interested in, you get a satisfied customer, everyone wins.