A Quick Guide To Mobile App Marketing

Marketing A Mobile App

Do you have an awesome idea for a mobile app? It can seem daunting to launch a new app given today’s endless list of available apps on various platforms. But with an effective marketing strategy in place, it’s possible to beat the competition and make your app stand out. The problem, however, is that many app creators think of marketing as an afterthought. If you want optimal results, be sure that your mobile app marketing strategy involves prelaunch and post launch efforts. This guide should help you formulate a plan to take your new app to the top charts.

Prelaunch Strategies

Creating a marketing strategy before your app goes live is vital to success. Your first order of business is to understand your target customers and evaluate the competition. Before you launch the app, you must select the right keywords to target. In the world of mobile apps, a keyword refers to a term used by prospects to understand what your app does. The word “calculator” obviously tells users that the app is a calculator. Discovering the best keywords to use, however, isn’t always it is easy for other apps.

One useful trick is to use keyword tools that tell you which keywords are most used by your target market. There are also tools that let you analyze the keywords used by your competitors apps. While finding what keywords to use, it’s also recommended to think about what name to give your app. This is crucial in terms of a branding. The name of your app must be unique and memorable. If possible, try to include your target keyword so users instantly recognize what your app does.

It’s also a must to create an eye-catching icon. This helps entice more clicks. Remember that the icon you use will be associated with your app forever, so make sure to do it right the first time. You can further enhance your apps detail page by taking great screenshots. These images should tell potential users what they can expect from using your app.

Post Launch Strategies

After launching your app, it’s time to find the best ways to increase your downloads. There are two routes you can take: organic and paid. The former refers to techniques that boost your chances of earning more downloads without paying for each one while the latter entails shelling out money for each individual download.

One of the most effective organic marketing techniques is getting featured on app review websites. You must reach out to different media outlets to let them know your app exists. You can also contact bloggers in your niche and ask them whether they can talk about your new app. Make sure you send pitches to multiple people to increase your chances of getting featured on their website.

If you have the money, you can run multiple paid ad campaigns to generate a huge number of downloads in a small period of time. This is an excellent way to make some noise around your app. This also helps accumulate ratings and reviews, which help entice even more downloads. After hitting your target threshold, you can lower your spend and start focusing on organic methods.

As you can see, building an app proves difficult but marketing it prove even more so. You must take a comprehensive mobile app marketing strategy and make sure that you start well before your app goes live in the App Store.