Getting The Most Out Of Mobile Application Analytics

mobile phone picWhen making a mobile app, a great design, a solid development and a well thought strategy are all paramount but analytics remains to be the key to measuring the value and execution of all the work you have been putting into the application.

As smartphones continue to exponentially affect every aspect of our lives, you can get why developers and marketers are putting in so much effort in measuring the user behavior through mobile app analytics. And while the mobile app industry is still young, there are certain services and platforms vying for the privilege of giving you a substantial amount of good data.

The following tips will help you get the most out of mobile application analytics and also help you avoid some costly mistakes.

Implement the app analytics before you have your app in the store. You will be too late if you start thinking about analytics the day you upload your app in the market. This is because there are tons of data that can be analyzed during the alpha and beta stages of your respective app. This kind of data is what will ideally help you make the app stronger and even more user friendly.

There are different analytics providers for different apps. Some providers may cater for different app verticals. For example, if you are developing a game, then Playtomic might be a good fit, whereas if building a content delivery app, Localytics is the most ideal. Keep in mind that not all apps are built equal and so it makes sense to have different platforms for analytics purposes.

Analyze then market data so that you will not make mistakes other developers have already made. This type of data is a bit expensive to access due to the fact that it is offered by just a few analytics providers. However, market data is useful in seeing what similar apps are doing in terms of price and number of downloads as well. When you are armed with this type of data, you will be able to make wise decisions and avoid mistakes that competitors are making. For example, if a competing app is doing poorly at a $4 price point, you will be able to determine the better price for your mobile application.

There are over one billion smartphones in the world today and at this rate, mobile apps will just get more. And with such a rapidly growing market, app analytics will continue to evolve at a similar pace. So, it is high time you engage in mobile application analytics and you will easily save yourself from performing preventable costly mistakes.