Filing For Disability? Find A Good Disability Attorney To Help


Have you applied for Social Security disability and been turned down? It is almost impossible to be approved for disability payments through Social Security without a good disabilities attorney. While an attorney specializing in disability can’t guarantee you’ll be awarded disability payments, they can certainly improve your chances. These lawyers are experts at developing your case, representing you at any scheduled hearings, and ensuring your situation is fully explained to government officials. They can also help you navigate through the complex application process and ensure all required documents and medical records are provided. Having an attorney with a complete knowledge of all Social Security Administration regulations and rules is important.

If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your disability, you may have recourse under the Americans With Disabilities Act. This type of discrimination can happen in several ways. Perhaps you feel you weren’t allowed to rent an apartment or home because of your disability. Or, perhaps you had issues at work or during a job interview. The easiest way to determine if you have a case is to meet with an attorney who specializes in disability law.

When you are searching for the best disability attorney for your situation, it is critical that you ask certain questions. Always meet with several attorneys who specialize in disability claims and ask each the same questions as you discuss your case.

Search for attorneys from a resource like the Pastoor Law Blog who understand how social security disability claims work and who have a thorough knowledge of disability law. It is a very complex field, so ask each attorney how many disability claims cases they’ve handled and about the outcome.

If you are filing a disability claim in a local court, try to find a local attorney. When an attorney is from the local area, they will know the court system, the judges, and the court personnel. They will also have a network of local expert witnesses such as doctors or vocational experts who can meet with you to help with your case.

When you meet with the disability lawyers, ask them about their process. Will they meet with you regularly to provide case updates? Will they keep in touch via email or phone calls? They should accompany you to any hearings or meetings about your case.

Ask the attorneys about their fees and how they are paid. Most who deal with disability claims will be paid on a contingency basis. This means they will take a percentage of any monies you may be awarded. If you are filing a social security disability claim, the attorney may bill hourly for their assistance.

Before hiring a disability lawyer, check their professional credentials and reputation. You can usually search an individual attorney through your state bar association to ensure they are licensed and not sanctioned. You can also check online to determine how successful an individual disability attorney has been representing clients with cases similar to yours.

It is a good idea to find a good attorney who specializes in disabilities if you are considering filing a claim. Whether you are hoping for social security disability payments or filing a claim for discrimination, hiring one of the best lawyers for people with disabilities will certainly enhance your chances for success.

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