How To Get An EB5 Investor Visa

EB-5 Investor
EB-5 Investor

America has always been the land of all opportunities. It still is, thanks to smart programs that can help immigrants become successful in their new country. They can do what they are good at and make a living out of it. They can become entrepreneurs or simply get a job and enjoy life. There are immigration programs for everyone, so you only have to find the one that suits you best.

EB5 is one of these programs. Also known as the Immigrant Investor Program, it has been created for stimulating the US economy through capital investment and job creation by foreign investors. The idea of this program is to have foreign investors set up new commercial enterprises. However, those who prefer to buy an existing enterprise, they can do so, provided they are willing to invest in restructuring and reorganizing it. It is also possible to use an existing enterprise without reorganizing it, but you have to show a minimum 40% increase in its net worth or in the number of employees.

In order to qualify for an EB5 investor visa, you have to meet the minimum capital investment requirements. This means you need to invest $1 million in your enterprise. If you are willing to go to a rural area or an area with high unemployment, you can qualify with an investment of only $500,000. As none of these variants is cheap, you can easily see this type of visa is not for everyone wishing to relocate to the U.S. You have to bring value and to contribute to the growth of the area where you are going to settle, otherwise you have to find another type of visa you may be eligible for.

Applying for an Investor Visa is easy. You can follow the official instructions in regard to what application forms you have to submit and what documents you have to produce in order to be considered. Upon approval, you will receive a conditional permanent residence for a two-year period for you and for your family members. This means you won’t have to be separated from your spouse and children until you become a permanent resident of the U.S. You can bring your family over as soon as you get accepted into the EB5 program.

You are going to receive your Green Card before your two years expire, but you have to fill in an application 90 days before the two-year anniversary of your Investor Visa. There are also several documents you have to attach to your petition, documents that prove you have invested in a new commercial enterprise and you are actively involved in its management. In addition, you have to prove your investment funds come from lawful means. If your petition is approved, the conditions are going to be removed from your status and you and your family are going to be accepted to permanently live and work in the U.S. Just follow the requirements closely and you won’t have any problems in growing your business and increasing your profit.