Outdoor Lighting Alternatives – Glow In The Dark Stones For Walkways And Other Landscaping Projects

Solar lights are one way to approach leaving electricity out of the equation. To be sure, they are quite nice, but there is another equally nice and perhaps even better solution. Have you seen the glow in the dark stones? They can be used individually or mixed as aggregate with concrete for all types of projects. They provide a luminescent glow, sourcing the sun just like solar lighting. The glow emitted is aesthetically pleasing and a nice touch to any landscape.


The glow in the dark stones can even be added to fish tanks. They work great for pathway edging, gardens, concrete driveways, vases, all types of walkways, waterscapes, concrete inlays and more. Many companies offer these trending products, so you want to keep that in mind. One company, Ambient Glow Technology (AGT) challenges consumers to order samples from other companies to compare to the products that AGT offers.


If you are going to make a substantial investment in high performance glow aggregates, you certainly want to be sure that you’re buying the best. In some instances, projects involve adding these aggregates to permanent services. You want to be aware of the factors that should be considered when you are going to purchase this type of product.


For example, you will want to pay attention to the color of the aggregate when it’s glowing. The type of substrate is important as well, and you also want to consider the environmental lighting conditions. In this case, you have a particular project in mind. You are looking at glow in the dark stones for walkways. After completion of this project, you might even choose to use these aggregates in other ways throughout your property as well.


The material grade of the glow aggregate is another factor that has to be considered. The size of the pebbles is important, too, as are the luminosity characteristics. It sounds like you’re having to get all scientific about the matter, right? Well, the best companies should have this information readily available for you, and truth be told, you want the best aggregates in place for your walkway.


It’s true that these glow in the dark stones for walkways can’t replace lighting in the general sense of the word. But the best stones can provide a glow that is a light in the dark and is aesthetically pleasing. And remember, these stones are an environmentally friendly way of handling outdoor lighting. They are quite trendy these days in regards to outdoor landscapes, and you can certainly see why.


Ambient Glow Technology or AGT is just one of your choices when it comes to ordering these glow stones. Think about the possibilities, and consider how much of the product you would need to complete your walkway. Then you can look at ways in which you might use them throughout your landscape. As mentioned, they can even be used in fish tanks for a nice finishing touch. How you use glow in the dark aggregates is up to you, but there are definitely so many interesting possibilities.