A Collection Of Ground Protection Mats Is A Must For Any Business Using Heavy Equipment

Ground Protection Mat
Ground Protection Mat

A collection of ground protection mats is a must for any business using heavy equipment. Well, to be more specific, they are a must-have for any business or person who has heavy equipment that ever has to be driven across natural land that is unpaved and can not physically support heavy vehicles being driven across.

In urban and suburban environments, this is usually the case with people’s lawns, sometimes parks, and even some softer driveways and sidewalks. Heavy equipment driven across patches of land like this can leave deep gashes and bruises in the soil and cracks and indentations in concrete not hardy enough for bulldozers and other heavy machines rolling across.

Ground protection mats, when laid out in a line or interconnected, depending on the design, serve as a temporary roadway. They can hold vehicles weighing up to 60 tons (with the their load included in the total). Most ground protection mats are made of a high-density, very durable polyethylene plastic. It will bend when enough pressure is put on it, but it won’t break. So, the force and weight of tires driving across it is distributed evenly enough that the ground below doesn’t suffer turf damage.

Most such mats have lifetime warranties and are easily moved and stacked in the back of a pickup truck or on a flatbed. Common sizes include 2×6 feet, 2×8 feet, 3×6 feet, 3×8 feet, and 4×8 feet. White and black are the most common colors, and most feature tread patterns on them for traction, otherwise they’d be dangerous and slippery when wet, definitely for pedestrians, and maybe for vehicles. However, the tread is largely there so they don’t slip out when being driven across.

Landscaping and construction companies often use ground protection mats to protect the lawns of consumers and businesses if heavy equipment has to be driven across the soil to reach a workspot or project. Not all homes have paved driveways, and often the driveways don’t get to where the equipment needs to go or the driveway is not big enough for the heavy vehicles.

Maintenance and construction crews in parks and natural recreation areas sometimes use ground protecting mats to move heavy vehicles and equipment in to build and fix structures surrounded by a lot of natural area. In some remote areas where the roads themselves are not paved, or erosion is of serious concern, then heavy mats are used en masse to make temporary roads that won’t wash out.

Sporting events and outdoor festivals sometimes make use of ground protecting mats so that the weight of a booth, announce table, lighting and cameras, or even just people in line won’t antagonize the ground underneath. Indoor arenas also sometimes use such mats to protect basketball courts from damage.

As you can see, there are wide variety of applications for ground protection mats, and any government department or business that uses heavy equipment or loaded vehicles across someone’s lawn should use them to spare the grass.