How To Choose The Best Dog Coats

dog coats canada poochDog coats can help you protect your fury friend from bad weather. While stray dogs don’t need this kind of protection, house pets who spend most of their life indoors aren’t able to cope with low temperatures, light rain, snow or strong winds. This is why dog owners have to dress their dogs, no matter how strange this habit would appear to outsiders who’ve never owned a pet in their life.

There are a few principles that should guide your choice. As explained by Canada Pooch, one of the major dog apparel and accessories provider, these principles are: function first, style and quality. As the main purpose of a coat is to keep your dog warm, it has to be made from high quality materials. The outer layer should be water and wind resistant, while the inner layer should be soft and comfortable. As dogs come in many sizes and shapes, dog coats have to feature adjustable closures. Moreover, a good coat should have a leash slit, thus enabling the owner walk their dog as usually.

The style is important only because it enables people to have some fun and a positive experience, as they can follow human fashion trends and match the outfit with the coat of their pets. Whatever the style, there’s no ring and wrong choice, as this is a matter of personal preferences.

Quality, however, should always be one of the top priorities. Your best friend has to be comfortable wearing his outfit, so you should always strive to find high quality clothing, even though you may need to pay a little more for it. You wouldn’t buy and wear uncomfortable shoes, so why would you force your dog walk in a coat that’s not comfortable?

Experts from Canada Pooch have understood all these things, so they want to help dog owners make the best choice for their four-legged friends. This is why they publish a detailed sizing chart that can help dog owners pick the right coat size, guiding themselves by the weight and the back length of their pets. Moreover, they also give examples of breeds that may belong to various sizes on the chart.

By using this website, you can find out exactly what size your dog needs, so that you can go ahead and choose some nice clothing items for your next winter walks. The website offers a wide selection of parkas, winter vests, hoodies, sweaters and rainwear, as well as beds, wellies and other accessories. All items feature photos and full descriptions, so you can see what are the features and benefits of each product.

Last but not least, the store locator section is going to help you find the nearest store. All you need to do is enter your address in the form, submit it, and see the stores on the map. You have everything you need to make sure your dog isn’t going to have to put up with cold weather without a good coat to keep him warm.