Cibo Wine Bar Is One Of The Best Italian Restaurants Fort Lauderdale Has

Italian Restaurants Fort Lauderdale
Italian Restaurants Fort Lauderdale

I was visiting the Fort Lauderdale area for work training I had to go to. I had never been there before or anywhere in the general vicinity before. I also didn’t know anyone that lived there. While I was there, I planned on eating out every night for dinner. Since I was staying in a hotel, that was really my only option. The first night I was there, I found a restaurant that delivered to the hotel. I decided to do this the first night instead of venture out to eat. The food I got from this restaurant was good, but it was deep fried foods and it was just the same as I could have had back home.

The next night that I was there I decided that I wanted to go out to eat. I was craving Italian food, so I started searching for the best Italian restaurants Fort Lauderdale has. I found several restaurants in the area that offered Italian food. One of these restaurants really stood out because the reviews on them were excellent and there were no negative or even neutral reviews about them. I knew I wanted to give them a try.

I put the address in on my phone and used the GPS to take me to the Cibo Wine Bar restaurant. It was simple to find and I was really happy I decided to venture out for the night. I pulled into the restaurant and walked in. The appearance was really nice on both the outside and the inside of the restaurant too. I was quickly seated by a waiter who also gave me the specials for the day for food and for wine. I told them I wanted to look at the menu before ordering food, but I would take the special on the wine they had.

Within just a few minutes the waiter brought me the wine I had ordered and I drank it as I looked over the menu. It was some of the best wine I have ever had. I finally figured out what I wanted to order which was a manicotti dinner. I have always loved this and hadn’t had it recently. My order arrived very quickly and it looked so good, I couldn’t wait to eat it. I was very impressed with the wine and couldn’t wait to see how this was. I am happy to say I was pleased with this food and it was some of the best that I have ever had. I am glad I got to experience the Cibo Wine Bar while in Fort Lauderdale. I would highly recommend that anyone searching for an Italian restaurant in this area to check it out. I am happy I took the chance and gave Cibo Wine Bar a chance. It is one of the best Italian restaurants Fort Lauderdale has in the area and it was a great option to try.