Denis Simioni – The Ojon Story

Denis Simioni ojon hair productsOne day, Denis Simioni’s wife Silvana used a hair care product that her grandmother from Central America had given her. Because the product literally strengthened and transformed Silvana’s hair, Denis Simioni knew that he had to figure out what was in the hair care product that his wife had used. He did a little digging around and found out that the product’s base was an oil known as, “Ojon” and that it was an oil harvested exclusively by an indigenous tribe from Central America that was named, “Tawira.” This interestingly enough translates into “people of beautiful hair.”

Fast forward to today, and Denis Simioni managed to turn the mystery hair product into one of the most successful hair care businesses in the world.

How It Became Successful:

Denis Simioni was a former advertising executive. This means that he pretty much knew how to position a product on the marketplace. He knew that products with back stories were the best selling products. Because of this, he knew that the story behind the product he was selling was going to do well in the marketplace. He ended up creating a whole line of hair care products that were centrally formed around solving different hair problems that people were facing. Whether it was dry and brittle hair or simply people wanting better conditioner treatment options. If there was a need, he made a product for it.

The Story:

Once he found the hair care product and jar that his wife had used to give her fantastic results, he knew that he had to go to Central America himself to see the ingredient that this product was based off of first hand. Therefore, he decided to set off for Central America in 2000. He ended up having to take a boat and small plane in order to get close to the place where the natives harvested the oil. He even had to trek through the Central American rain forrest in order to get to the tribes land.

Once he found the tribe, he knew that he was in the right place because everyone in the tribe had absolutely stunning and beautiful hair. After that, he was shown how they harvest the oil from the nut of the Ojon tree. Because the tree is exclusive to the particular region of the rain forrest, it is an extremely rare oil.

Once Denis Simioni was armed with the knowledge of the nut and oil, he knew that he had a winner on his hands. Therefore, he spent a good amount of time testing different formulas and concoctions where he would incorporate the oil as the base ingredient. He did this for three entire years. During this time, he was able to gain the trust of many of the locals and ended up establishing a co-operative that would be set up to supply his company with the Ojon oil exclusively.

Because Denis decided to set it up so that he buys directly from them, he knows that the profits and money invested goes directly to the tribe that he got to know. In fact, the company that Denis created has actually created thousands of jobs for the population of the indigenous people.

Do The Products Work?

The products that Denis and his company produces most certainly work. They have performed clinical tests on his products and his products result in 50% improvement when left in the hair for around 2 hours. Whereas, people experience over a 60% improvement when the Ojon oil product is left in the hair overnight. This means that the product(s) that Denis and his company are creating are very effective at treating damaged hair.

Where Did The Success Come From?

In 2003, Denis decided to unveil his hair care products on QVC, an American shopping channel. He knew that television was going to be the best way to unveil and sell his products because they had a significant story behind them. It is very hard to sell a product with a story through a print advertising campaign or another way. The best way to do it was through infomercials or better yet, a live informercial spot which is what QVC offered. Since the launch in 2003, Ojon has become the number one selling brand on QVC. They have also launched on similar channels in Canada and The United Kingdom. Clearly the story and the products are working for it to consistently reach the top status on all of these different platforms.

Denis actually credits a lot of the success in the business to having a loyal customer base. He notes that a lot of his sales come from repeat customers. This only shows how effective his products truly are.

The brand was scooped up by New York based cosmetics company Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. They happen to be the industry leader and it just goes to show how successful Denis and his company has become. They have created an extremely powerful brand in the hair care industry in a relatively short period of time. Not only do they have a loyal customer base, but they also have the exclusive rights to sell products with Ojon oil in them. This gives them a huge competitive advantage and closes the barrier to entry for another hair care brand to come in and steal the ingredient or formula from under them. This is the main reason that the New York based company was so eager and willing to buy them out.