Outdoor Lighting Alternatives – Glow In The Dark Stones For Walkways And Other Landscaping Projects

Solar lights are one way to approach leaving electricity out of the equation. To be sure, they are quite nice, but there is another equally nice and perhaps even better solution. Have you seen the glow in the dark stones? They can be used individually or mixed as aggregate with concrete for all types of projects. They provide a luminescent glow, sourcing the sun just like solar lighting. The glow emitted is aesthetically pleasing and a nice touch to any landscape.


The glow in the dark stones can even be added to fish tanks. They work great for pathway edging, gardens, concrete driveways, vases, all types of walkways, waterscapes, concrete inlays and more. Many companies offer these trending products, so you want to keep that in mind. One company, Ambient Glow Technology (AGT) challenges consumers to order samples from other companies to compare to the products that AGT offers.


If you are going to make a substantial investment in high performance glow aggregates, you certainly want to be sure that you’re buying the best. In some instances, projects involve adding these aggregates to permanent services. You want to be aware of the factors that should be considered when you are going to purchase this type of product.


For example, you will want to pay attention to the color of the aggregate when it’s glowing. The type of substrate is important as well, and you also want to consider the environmental lighting conditions. In this case, you have a particular project in mind. You are looking at glow in the dark stones for walkways. After completion of this project, you might even choose to use these aggregates in other ways throughout your property as well.


The material grade of the glow aggregate is another factor that has to be considered. The size of the pebbles is important, too, as are the luminosity characteristics. It sounds like you’re having to get all scientific about the matter, right? Well, the best companies should have this information readily available for you, and truth be told, you want the best aggregates in place for your walkway.


It’s true that these glow in the dark stones for walkways can’t replace lighting in the general sense of the word. But the best stones can provide a glow that is a light in the dark and is aesthetically pleasing. And remember, these stones are an environmentally friendly way of handling outdoor lighting. They are quite trendy these days in regards to outdoor landscapes, and you can certainly see why.


Ambient Glow Technology or AGT is just one of your choices when it comes to ordering these glow stones. Think about the possibilities, and consider how much of the product you would need to complete your walkway. Then you can look at ways in which you might use them throughout your landscape. As mentioned, they can even be used in fish tanks for a nice finishing touch. How you use glow in the dark aggregates is up to you, but there are definitely so many interesting possibilities.

The Advantages of Using Advanced Employee Time Tracking Software

The advanced employee time tracking software is something you should use to keep track of your employees each day. As an employer, you need to make sure your employees are showing up on the job when they are scheduled to work. You want to make sure they are arriving promptly and getting to work on time rather than showing up late and not taking the job seriously. The right software will make it easier for your employees to clock in and out of work in a matter of seconds, eliminating a lot of the hassle that often occurs at other workplaces.

Save Time and Get Things Right

If you would like to use the best employee time tracking software available, TimeTrex has got you covered. Their software was designed specifically with employers in mind, making it much easier for you to manage the time and attendance for each of your different employees without losing track of something important. After all, you need to know when they are working and how many hours they are spending at work each day in order to pay them the proper amount of money they have earned throughout the week. If you were falling behind and struggling to keep things in order, the TimeTrex software could be just what you need to make your job much easier.

Use Facial Recognition to Clock In and Out of Work

In fact, tablet timeclocks are available and are designed to make the process of checking in and out of work even easier than it ever was before. The tablet timeclocks use facial recognition to mark employees as present or not present, which means the employees would not have to worry about going through a lengthy system just to mark themselves present for the day at work. The software keeps track of everyone who is at work, letting you know exactly when they have clocked in and when they have clocked out so that you can write out paychecks accordingly or have the accountant handle the paychecks with ease.

Plan Out Schedules in Advance

Aside from keeping track of your employees, the software will make it even easier for you to plan out their schedules. If the schedules are not the same on a weekly basis, you may have your employees on a rotating schedule. Rather than trying to switch things up on the schedule each week, the software can do it for you, saving you a lot of time while making sure the schedules are accurate and provide your employees with the number of hours they were hired to work each week.

The time tracking software is something that could make life a lot easier for you as a hardworking employer who has a lot to handle. The advanced software saves time, is convenient to the employees, makes it easier for you to check for accuracy, and allows you to plan out rotating schedules as often as you need to. If you have not been using the software, you have been missing out for quite some time, but it is never too late to switch over.

The Contractor’s Essential Guide To Surety Bonds

Surety Bond

The surety bond is an item that has withstood the test of time and has been used, in one form or another, by contractors for several centuries.  While some may view the use of these bonds as an unnecessary company expense; other companies will view them as a “passport” allowing only qualified businesses to access bids on projects being completed.  The surety bond is most commonly used in the construction industry as they understand the necessity of bonds when seeking out public or private projects; however, bonds can be used in various types of industries.  Of course, to successfully implement a surety bond, it is necessary to have a full understanding of the item.  This article will provide information on all aspects of surety bonds.

What Is A Surety Bond Or Suretyship?

Suretyship can be described as a type of insurance; however, it is not insurance in the traditional sense as it is credit enclosed within a financial guarantee.  The purpose of suretyship or the surety bond is to ensure the Principal will perform all obligated tasks for the Obligee.  If, however, the Principal is unable to meet the obligations, the Surety will fill the shoes of the Principal and provide assistance.  The Surety will provide the Principal with financial indemnification; thus, allowing the completion of the obligated task.

The parties involved in the surety bond, as mentioned above, are the Principal, the Obligee, and the Surety.  The Principal refers to the party undertaking the obligation of the bond, such as a contractor in a project.  The Obligee refers to the party receiving the benefit of a bond, such as the client.  The Surety refers to the party issuing the surety bond that guarantees the obliged tasks will be performed, such as the insurance company.

What Is The Difference Between Surety Bonds And Insurance Policies?

Arguably the most distinguishing characteristic separating traditional insurance policies from suretyship is the Principal’s guarantee to the Surety.  A traditional insurance policy will see the policy holder paying a premium and receiving benefits for any claims covered in the package, subject to terms and conditions.  The circumstances, however, may involve an advancement of policy funds for claims that are deemed not covered; however, there is no recourse from the insurance company to recoup paid losses.

Another difference can be seen in loss estimation.  Traditional insurance policies require complex mathematical calculations to identify the projected losses on different insurance policies and plans.  The calculations include the probability of risk and loss across each class of business; thus, determining the most appropriate premium rates to charge for the specific class.  This will ensure that there is a sufficient premium paid to cover losses, pay for expenses, and receive a reasonable profit.

In contrast, surety companies underwrite risk with zero loss estimation.  The premiums paid are not fees to cover potential losses, but rather to obtain financial guarantee from the Surety should the Surety be required to assist a Principal.  The Surety will assume any risk of recouping payments made to the Obligee from the Principals obligation for Surety indemnity.

A final distinction between surety bonds and traditional insurance policies is that insurance policies are drafted by insurance companies and are often non-negotiable.  The surety bond, however, contains terms required by the Obligee and may be subject to negotiation between the various parties. More detailed information can be found here:

Benefits Of Using Swamp Matting

Swamp Matting
Swamp Matting

Protecting the ground from damage is very important and in some cases it is a legal responsibility. The problem is their are so many companies that are unsure how to protect the ground they tend to overlook this fact. This is when they should know about the benefits of using swamp matting for their vehicles when they are heading into an area that is not completely firmed up or solid. By knowing these benefits the companies will see it is rather easy to protect the ground and avoid getting their vehicles stuck in the dirt that they are going into.

The weight distribution of the vehicles is what generally causes the problems for people who are driving into the swampy areas. Normally people never think about this, but with the weight of the vehicles, even with it being on the four wheels it is going to create a lot of downward force at a single point. This in turn is what is going to cause the vehicles to start to sink down into the mud. By getting the swamp mats, though, it is going to spread the weight out evenly and prevent any single reference point for the vehicle to start to sink down.

Protection of the entire ground is something else people will enjoy when they are using a swamp mat. While most people know the vehicles are going to leak oil or some other fluid, they need to realize in a swamp this can easily ruin the ecosystem and in some cases make the company subject to a fine. By using the mats, which are usually impermeable, people do not have to be concerned about the oil getting to the swamp. So they will have one less worry about what they have to clean up after they are done in the swamp.

The ability to reach deeper into the swamp is another thing that people are able to do. In general people are able to find the matting makes it easier for them to get further back into the swamp because it is going to help in providing a solid surface for the vehicles to drive on. This way people can finally have a good time in doing the work and know their vehicles are going to be safe from sinking and they are not going to cause any damage to the environment while driving back.

When people are looking at getting back into the swamp to take care of different items, like power lines, water pipes, or something else they will often find it can be a challenge because of the type of land the swamp is sitting on. The vehicles have a tendency to sink, get stuck, and in some cases the company can face fines because of the vehicles leak oil into the ground. To avoid all of these problems people should know about the swamp matting that is available from Northern Mat and how this can help them in getting the right protection for the swamps.

How To Choose The Best Dog Coats

dog coats canada poochDog coats can help you protect your fury friend from bad weather. While stray dogs don’t need this kind of protection, house pets who spend most of their life indoors aren’t able to cope with low temperatures, light rain, snow or strong winds. This is why dog owners have to dress their dogs, no matter how strange this habit would appear to outsiders who’ve never owned a pet in their life.

There are a few principles that should guide your choice. As explained by Canada Pooch, one of the major dog apparel and accessories provider, these principles are: function first, style and quality. As the main purpose of a coat is to keep your dog warm, it has to be made from high quality materials. The outer layer should be water and wind resistant, while the inner layer should be soft and comfortable. As dogs come in many sizes and shapes, dog coats have to feature adjustable closures. Moreover, a good coat should have a leash slit, thus enabling the owner walk their dog as usually.

The style is important only because it enables people to have some fun and a positive experience, as they can follow human fashion trends and match the outfit with the coat of their pets. Whatever the style, there’s no ring and wrong choice, as this is a matter of personal preferences.

Quality, however, should always be one of the top priorities. Your best friend has to be comfortable wearing his outfit, so you should always strive to find high quality clothing, even though you may need to pay a little more for it. You wouldn’t buy and wear uncomfortable shoes, so why would you force your dog walk in a coat that’s not comfortable?

Experts from Canada Pooch have understood all these things, so they want to help dog owners make the best choice for their four-legged friends. This is why they publish a detailed sizing chart that can help dog owners pick the right coat size, guiding themselves by the weight and the back length of their pets. Moreover, they also give examples of breeds that may belong to various sizes on the chart.

By using this website, you can find out exactly what size your dog needs, so that you can go ahead and choose some nice clothing items for your next winter walks. The website offers a wide selection of parkas, winter vests, hoodies, sweaters and rainwear, as well as beds, wellies and other accessories. All items feature photos and full descriptions, so you can see what are the features and benefits of each product.

Last but not least, the store locator section is going to help you find the nearest store. All you need to do is enter your address in the form, submit it, and see the stores on the map. You have everything you need to make sure your dog isn’t going to have to put up with cold weather without a good coat to keep him warm.

Finding The Best AEDs For Sale

AEDs for sale
AEDs for sale

Did you know that there are nearly 350,000 sudden cardiac arrest victims each year in the United States? Not only that, but when these victims have to wait for medical help, there is only a five to seven percent survival rate. These statistics can be a bit scary, but when you consider the studies that have been performed using immediate defibrillation within three to five minutes, the survival rate is up to 70 percent. Because of this, having a life saving AED is a smart choice.

As you shop for AEDs for sale, there are many things that you need to consider. These automated external defibrillators can save lives so making sure you find the best option is crucial. When searching for a distributor that has AEDs for sale, use these helpful tips.

First of all, it is a good idea to choose a reputable company. For instance, Texas AED has been in business for over 12 years and has helped place thousands of automated external defibrillators in many different locations. Not only that, but they also make increasing public awareness about sudden cardiac arrest a priority. With credentials like this, it is clear that this AED distributor knows what they are doing and can help you with your needs.

Next, you should consider what type of AED devices the company offers. Several companies make them and there are many different styles. Each organization has different needs and in order to find the right AED for your needs, shopping at a distributor that has many offerings, you can find exactly what you need.

Along that, choosing a company that offers AED accessories can be helpful, too. Many companies offer batteries and cabinets for the devices. Also, you can find many different companies that offer a variety of pads for AED devices. Choosing to do your business with a supplier that offers the accessories makes it much more effective and efficient to do business with them since they have everything you need related to the AED.

Another thing to think about is the service that is offered after you choose the AED. Some companies, like Texas AED, stand behind the products that they offer. They have an AED Management Program that helps with the implementation of an AED Defibrillator program. Offering CPR and AED training is another service they offer to keep their clients and customers as prepared as possible. Texas AED also offers a money back guarantee and is committed to the lowest price. This kind of service shows you that the company not only stand behind their products, but also is committed to safety.

As you can see, there are many different things that you should think about before you choose a company to use for your AED needs. By finding a reputable company that offers AED devices, related accessories and services, and stands behind their product, you can be assured that you are working with the best supplier for your needs. Use what you learned here to help you find the company to work with.

A Collection Of Ground Protection Mats Is A Must For Any Business Using Heavy Equipment

Ground Protection Mat
Ground Protection Mat

A collection of ground protection mats is a must for any business using heavy equipment. Well, to be more specific, they are a must-have for any business or person who has heavy equipment that ever has to be driven across natural land that is unpaved and can not physically support heavy vehicles being driven across.

In urban and suburban environments, this is usually the case with people’s lawns, sometimes parks, and even some softer driveways and sidewalks. Heavy equipment driven across patches of land like this can leave deep gashes and bruises in the soil and cracks and indentations in concrete not hardy enough for bulldozers and other heavy machines rolling across.

Ground protection mats, when laid out in a line or interconnected, depending on the design, serve as a temporary roadway. They can hold vehicles weighing up to 60 tons (with the their load included in the total). Most ground protection mats are made of a high-density, very durable polyethylene plastic. It will bend when enough pressure is put on it, but it won’t break. So, the force and weight of tires driving across it is distributed evenly enough that the ground below doesn’t suffer turf damage.

Most such mats have lifetime warranties and are easily moved and stacked in the back of a pickup truck or on a flatbed. Common sizes include 2×6 feet, 2×8 feet, 3×6 feet, 3×8 feet, and 4×8 feet. White and black are the most common colors, and most feature tread patterns on them for traction, otherwise they’d be dangerous and slippery when wet, definitely for pedestrians, and maybe for vehicles. However, the tread is largely there so they don’t slip out when being driven across.

Landscaping and construction companies often use ground protection mats to protect the lawns of consumers and businesses if heavy equipment has to be driven across the soil to reach a workspot or project. Not all homes have paved driveways, and often the driveways don’t get to where the equipment needs to go or the driveway is not big enough for the heavy vehicles.

Maintenance and construction crews in parks and natural recreation areas sometimes use ground protecting mats to move heavy vehicles and equipment in to build and fix structures surrounded by a lot of natural area. In some remote areas where the roads themselves are not paved, or erosion is of serious concern, then heavy mats are used en masse to make temporary roads that won’t wash out.

Sporting events and outdoor festivals sometimes make use of ground protecting mats so that the weight of a booth, announce table, lighting and cameras, or even just people in line won’t antagonize the ground underneath. Indoor arenas also sometimes use such mats to protect basketball courts from damage.

As you can see, there are wide variety of applications for ground protection mats, and any government department or business that uses heavy equipment or loaded vehicles across someone’s lawn should use them to spare the grass.

Freight Factoring Companies Can Ease Cash Flow Problems for Transportation of Goods

Freight Factoring
Freight Factoring

A business that supplies goods to its customers will often have to arrange for their transportation to the end user. This exercise needs to be carried out on a daily basis, and if you have your fleet of trucks, you will need to bear the cost of paying for the fuel they use, maintenance of the vehicles, their licensing and insurance, wages and overtime for employees and tolls to be paid on highways.

All these expenses will be covered in the costs you have quoted to your customers, but it is almost certain that you will have extended some credit to them and will receive your payment after a period that can be anywhere between 30 and 90 days. You meanwhile have to meet your expenses on a daily basis, and this can cause cash flow problems that may impinge and affect your more important inventory and production cash requirements. One way out of this situation is to go in for the services of freight factoring companies, who can lend you the required money for the freight component so that your overall operations remain unaffected.

Freight factoring companies must be able to understand your business and the urgency of providing the required capital so that your working capital is always used for the more useful things. They must be companies that can be easily contacted and must process your invoice as quickly as possible. They must have the needed funds at their disposal so that your operations are never interrupted. Most of these companies will fund levels of invoices that can vary from 60 to 90 percent of the invoice value. The balance gets paid only after the agreed fee has been deducted and the customer has paid the invoice.

Factoring companies who advance cash for the freight component of invoices will do their research to determine the creditworthiness of your clients. They must be sure that they will honor their payment commitments when they are due so that any cash advanced can easily be recovered. Some companies may even give you a list of their pre-approved clients who meet their creditworthiness standards and for which they may even agree to release higher amounts of any invoices.

It is not necessary for a business to offer the invoices of all its customers for freight factoring though it is always to your advantage if you give the company a greater volume of business. Some of these companies may even have procedures that can be set in motion for debt recovery in the case of difficult clients. These have to be paid for and may have to be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Before you decide to take on the services of such a company that is into freight factoring, make sure that they are easy to contact, have a presence in your area, a reputation for quick disbursal of funds and above all have the capacity to provide the necessary funding in the long term. Freight factoring along with the factoring of invoicing can go a long way to keeping cash flow problems for business, very much under control.

Restaurant Checklist Apps – Your Ultimate Guide

restaurant checklist app

Are you looking for a restaurant checklist app that can help you to keep your restaurant operating smoothly and efficiently? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at the key features offered by most top-of-the-line restaurant checklist and management apps, so by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have an accurate idea about what you can expect from them. With this in mind, let’s get started.

Firstly, it goes without saying that modern technology has made complex restaurant management a much easier task. With the assistance of modern apps, it’s possible to run your restaurant from the comfort of an iPad, and this really helps to keep all of your staff on the same page, as well as keep all of your customers happy.

So what kind of features can you expect to see on a quality checklist app for restaurants? In general, it’s important to realize that these apps can cover virtually every aspect of a restaurant business, rather than merely helping out with Point of Sale customer interactions. In fact, you can do everything from organize your floor layout to designing your daily menu, all with the same app!

Perhaps one of the most popular restaurant checklist app around is ‘Lightspeed’, which is designed for use on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. This app allows you to take orders (with the use of a visual touch menu) and the order will be sent directly to the kitchen, so there’s no waiting around at all. Of course, these touch menus are highly intuitive, so it makes it very easy for your waiting staff to successfully take accurate orders quickly.

Next, the app gives you great control over how you run your restaurant, thanks to the floor layout designer and menu creator, you can quickly get yourself up and running with the app. Additionally, you can also see how you’re doing due to the on-demand reporting feature, which gives you a nice overview of your restaurant – while still allowing you to drill deeper into any details that need your attention.

Table management is also incredibly easy with these apps, and you’ll often find that you can designate each customer to a particular table – so you know exactly how your restaurant is arranged. What’s more, you can also merge tables, move them around the room, and split customer’s bills – all with just a few touches on the screen. It goes without saying that this gives you great versatility, and really goes a long way towards reducing some of the stress you may be under when you’re running a busy restaurant. In fact, you’ll soon wonder how you managed to cope so long without these apps!

Of course, one of the biggest risks you take by using software to manage your restaurant is the danger of hardware failure. Fortunately, all of the data is kept safely within the ‘cloud’, so even if you have hosting problems, you can quickly and safely restore your data from a reliable source. This gives you great protection, and real peace of mind.

An Inside Look Inside A Beef Company

beef meat picMost people only have the vaguest idea (read: it has something to do with meat) when we say “beef company”, however, in this article, we’re going to take a look at a typical company that has its roots in beef. Allow us to be clear about one thing though, there are large meat companies and there are small ones. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the big ones, specifically, we’re going to focus on National Beef, the fourth biggest beef company in the United States.

National Beef has advanced significantly from a single beef processing plant in 1992. Today, they are classified as a major beef supplier in the country devoted to creating and delivering high-quality fresh processed beef and beef by-products. It does not own a restaurant, however, by providing sliced-up beef in boxes, they’ve become a reliable supply partner to many establishments that make extensive use of beef, like hotel chain steak restaurants, among others.

The company was grown on Midwestern values of hard work and quality services, driving employees to provide world-class solutions that can help the company’s clients succeed.
A huge part of the company’s success lies in the fact that they only hire action-oriented individuals who are able to develop and maintain strong partnerships with clients. This has led the company to develop unique processes and meat products that gives it its distinct market advantages.

You might ask, where does the company get its cattle? It has an ongoing partnership with US Premium Beef, which enables the company to possess a consistent supply of top quality cattle.

Once the cattle arrive, the company’s BioLogic Food Safety System then takes over. This system guarantees cleaner, safer beef for clients and the end-consumers.
The company doesn’t just supply meat locally, it also exports beef to other countries in the world, although we’re not quite sure to which countries they export to. But just the same, the company only delivers top quality, source-verified, chilled beef which makes them one of the marketplace’s leading suppliers of beef.

But National Beef isn’t just market-driven. The company also supports environment-friendly initiatives like the capture of methane gas which reduces its environment effect the towns that they operate in. These methods have made them a leader in the market.

The company has state-of-the-art electronic certifying systems that provide accurate and immediate access to critical information that helps them align products to the customers’ specific needs.

A substantial investment into developing innovative box handling and order fulfillment systems has assisted the company’s rapid growth.

Customers who need beef only need to order online to have their orders shipped to them. Of course, if you’re like most people, you don’t need to order directly from them as they only take bulk orders. You’re better off going to a retailer that sells National Beef.

The company’s beef facilities have the latest grinding, mixing and packaging equipment with Program Logic Control to make sure that the quality is consistent with what their clients expect.