Get A Large Tent Rental From Regal Tent Productions

Large Tent from Regal Tent
Large Tent from Regal Tent

When most people think of a tent, they are focused on something that you would take camping. Very few people understand how elaborate these can be. More than ever before, people are taking advantage of temporary structures that look like high-tech tents, but they are so much more than that. They can emulate the appearance of an auditorium, or they can be used at large gatherings such as concerts where thousands of people will be in attendance. They can even mimic the appearance of a two-story building, albeit a small one, but this is possible when working with a business such as Regal Tent Productions. Before you get your large tent rental from this company, let’s go over all that this company has to offer.

Overview Of Regal Tent Productions

This business is very unique in that it operates in not only the United States, but also Canada. They decided to expand into many different areas such as providing tent like structures for museum courtyards, city parks, and even waterfront tears. They state that they are actually inspired by their passion passion, creativity and prestige. They state that they are driven by their passion to help their clients using the most creative ideas for their tents, and is a leader in not only the creation of these products but their installation at any type of event that you have in mind.

What Type of Tents Do They Have?

They use many different types of tents that they have include a clear span structure, frame tent, star-shaped tent, and what is called a double-decker structure that many people actually use. It really depends on the type of event that you are planning for, and how many people will be there, as well as the products or services that you are going to offer. They also have what is called a sky sweet and a Arabesque Tent which is unique in shape. You can contact them for quotes on how much it will cost, and also find out about availability, as well as get a recommendation for what they believe will work best for your situation.

Place Your Order Today

You can place your order right away on their website, and also take advantage of the many accessories that they have available. For example, you might like to have carpet in the area where the tent will be to make it look much more elegant, and you can also have glass walls installed as well. They can put indoors, branding decals, and what they call Supa-Trac Flooring which is perfect for large areas where hundreds or thousands of people will be. All of these extras are at an additional cost, but they may very well be the best thing for you at your event to make it an absolute success.

If you need a large tent rental, there is no better company to work with than Regal Tent Productions. If you are in the Caribbean, Canada, or in America, you can contact this company right away to see what they have available, and how much it will cost to have them bring their elaborate tents out to your location.

Maximizing Your Business Growth Using A Custom Gift Card

Custom Gift Card
Custom Gift Card

When it comes to growing your business and getting your name out there, a custom gift card is a brilliant use of your advertising budget. The sky is the limit when it comes to design, colour choices and the type of message you have on the card, but you want to make sure that presentation is perfect. Colourfast Printing Inc knows how to give you what you need in this area, so you just have to give some thought about the type of custom gift card that you want.


Gift cards are all made to a standard size, so at least you don’t have to worry yourself about that. However, what you do need to think about is what type of design you want to have printed on the card.

For example, are you going to incorporate your logo onto the card? If you don’t have a logo for your business yet, now is a good time to have one designed so that you can start branding your business based on its logo. Logos don’t have to be big or complicated to identify with your business, but they will catch attention faster than words can.

If you aren’t going to use a logo, then you need to consider what type of graphic you want to have on the gift card so that it stands out and breaks up the monotony of just having words on the card.


Graphics on gift cards have to be carefully considered if you want to make sure they make the right impact. With so much political correctness going on in the world, it doesn’t take much to offend someone. If you are not too sure whether your design ideas are going to upset a community or group of people, then discuss your ideas with the printer well before you commit to the order. They have years of experience under their belt and have a good idea of whether a gift card is going to be a hit or not.

Power Colours

When it comes to choosing the background colour of your gift card, some colours pack more of a punch than others so think about this carefully.

For example, red gift cards are easy to locate in the wallet, and they are much less likely to be overlooked because of the vibrancy of the colour. Alternatively, have you ever noticed that some of the biggest companies in the world have logos that are blue? This is because this colour is associated with power and strength. A blue gift card subtly implies to the person who buys it that your company is strong and can be relied on to deliver the goods when the chips are down.

Selling or giving away custom gift cards is a fantastic way to get your business name noticed. Also, your business earnings will increase as people buy gift cards and give them to friends and family. Make sure you don’t delay getting gift cards organised if you would like to take your business exposure to the next level.

How To Find The Best Marketing Jobs Toronto Has Available

Marketers On Demand
Marketers On Demand

Are you searching for a professional in Toronto that can help you market products for your company? It is sometimes hard to find an individual that will have all of the requirements that you need for this type of position. You can try to find one on your own by sifting through the many listings that you will see on websites where you will see resumes presented by a multitude of potential candidates. However, it is better to work with a company that has actually done all of the research for you and is presenting the best workers available. A company by the name of Marketers On Demand is one of these businesses, a company that literally has its finger on the pulse of all of the latest marketing trends. Here is how this company can provide you with the best creative talent and marketers that are currently looking for a business just like yours.

What Is Marketers On Demand?

When you go to their website, you will see different listings at the top which include services and jobs that are available. In the services section, you can begin to work with this company as they will find you temporary workers that you may need just for a few weeks, and also workers that are looking for a permanent position. This will give you the flexibility that you need when choosing someone to work for your company, based upon whether you need a temporary or long-term professional. For jobseekers looking for the best marketing jobs Toronto has to offer, you can simply click on the jobs link at the top to see what jobs are available, allowing you to find one that is perfect for your areas of expertise.

How Quickly Can You Find A Professional For Your Company?

Due to the popularity of this company which is based out of Toronto, there are many employees constantly searching to the jobs that are available. If you post your job, you will likely have many candidates contact you that are looking for work right now. You can also assess what their abilities are based upon the resume that they have provided, allowing you to select the best person for the job. In most cases, you can have multiple individuals contact your company within a few days after successfully posting the job that you have, allowing you to get your project done very quickly. Likewise, if you are someone searching for a job, this company can connect you with the right company in the Toronto area that will utilize your services and pay you for the work that you specialize in on either a part-time or full-time basis.

If you have any questions, you can always call the main office located in Toronto, or you can also contact the Mississauga or Miami office is if you are in that area. Their goal is to always work as hard as possible to connect employers with employees, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved. However, if you are currently looking for marketing jobs Toronto offers that might be applicable to your particular skill set, simply go to the Marketers On Demand website to see if you can find a job that will be perfect for you.

The Purpose of Performance Bonds

Performance Bond
Performance Bond

Performance bonds is a surety bond that is issued by an insurance company or a financial institution like a bank that guarantees the completion of a contract by a contractor in a satisfactory manner.

The way that this works is that when a contractor bids on a construction job, a bid bond is usually required, in order to bid the job. Once the job is given to the winning bidder, a payment and performance bond is required as security that the job will be completed.

An example of the workings of performance bonds is that a performance bond will be issued for a client for which the contractor is building a building. If the building for some reason is not constructed in the manner spelled out by the contract, the client is then guaranteed a certain compensation for any loss financially up to the amount of the bond. Most often this occurs due to bankruptcy of the contractor.

The development of real property is one of the more common instances of the use of these types of bonds, as owners and investors want to be reassured that their investment will not go by the wayside should a contractor go bankrupt. Another use of a performance bond is when commodities are being sold that the commodity will be delivered as ordered for a certain price at a certain time.

To further add solid reassurance in these sort of transactions, you will find that a performance bond is issued along with a payment bond, or titled as a “performance and payment” bond. This form simply guarantees that the costs of material and labor will be paid for by the contractor.

Surety Bond Companies are institutions are firms that specialize in the issuance of these types of bonds. The premium that is paid is based upon the type of bond being issued, the amount of the bond, and the financial risk of the applicant.

Currently, surety bond companies have statistics on just about every risk that could occur for various types of bond risks. For example, a construction project in the mountains of Alaska may have a higher risk factor than an apartment construction project in Atlanta.

There are currently over 25,000 categories of Surety Bonds in the United States, and each faction has its own bond amount. The bond rates are then based upon the risks for that particular category, and then a premium of between 1% and 15% is charged on the bond amount.

If a company has an excellent performance record as far as their ability to complete projects on time and as specified in the contract, then they will enjoy a lower bond rate, than a company who has a history of late completion dates and any financial issues along the way.

The concept of a bond is simply a way to help investors and owners be able to make prudent decisions in regard to the safety of capital and the likelihood of the successful completion of a project.

Denis Simioni – The Ojon Story

Denis Simioni ojon hair productsOne day, Denis Simioni’s wife Silvana used a hair care product that her grandmother from Central America had given her. Because the product literally strengthened and transformed Silvana’s hair, Denis Simioni knew that he had to figure out what was in the hair care product that his wife had used. He did a little digging around and found out that the product’s base was an oil known as, “Ojon” and that it was an oil harvested exclusively by an indigenous tribe from Central America that was named, “Tawira.” This interestingly enough translates into “people of beautiful hair.”

Fast forward to today, and Denis Simioni managed to turn the mystery hair product into one of the most successful hair care businesses in the world.

How It Became Successful:

Denis Simioni was a former advertising executive. This means that he pretty much knew how to position a product on the marketplace. He knew that products with back stories were the best selling products. Because of this, he knew that the story behind the product he was selling was going to do well in the marketplace. He ended up creating a whole line of hair care products that were centrally formed around solving different hair problems that people were facing. Whether it was dry and brittle hair or simply people wanting better conditioner treatment options. If there was a need, he made a product for it.

The Story:

Once he found the hair care product and jar that his wife had used to give her fantastic results, he knew that he had to go to Central America himself to see the ingredient that this product was based off of first hand. Therefore, he decided to set off for Central America in 2000. He ended up having to take a boat and small plane in order to get close to the place where the natives harvested the oil. He even had to trek through the Central American rain forrest in order to get to the tribes land.

Once he found the tribe, he knew that he was in the right place because everyone in the tribe had absolutely stunning and beautiful hair. After that, he was shown how they harvest the oil from the nut of the Ojon tree. Because the tree is exclusive to the particular region of the rain forrest, it is an extremely rare oil.

Once Denis Simioni was armed with the knowledge of the nut and oil, he knew that he had a winner on his hands. Therefore, he spent a good amount of time testing different formulas and concoctions where he would incorporate the oil as the base ingredient. He did this for three entire years. During this time, he was able to gain the trust of many of the locals and ended up establishing a co-operative that would be set up to supply his company with the Ojon oil exclusively.

Because Denis decided to set it up so that he buys directly from them, he knows that the profits and money invested goes directly to the tribe that he got to know. In fact, the company that Denis created has actually created thousands of jobs for the population of the indigenous people.

Do The Products Work?

The products that Denis and his company produces most certainly work. They have performed clinical tests on his products and his products result in 50% improvement when left in the hair for around 2 hours. Whereas, people experience over a 60% improvement when the Ojon oil product is left in the hair overnight. This means that the product(s) that Denis and his company are creating are very effective at treating damaged hair.

Where Did The Success Come From?

In 2003, Denis decided to unveil his hair care products on QVC, an American shopping channel. He knew that television was going to be the best way to unveil and sell his products because they had a significant story behind them. It is very hard to sell a product with a story through a print advertising campaign or another way. The best way to do it was through infomercials or better yet, a live informercial spot which is what QVC offered. Since the launch in 2003, Ojon has become the number one selling brand on QVC. They have also launched on similar channels in Canada and The United Kingdom. Clearly the story and the products are working for it to consistently reach the top status on all of these different platforms.

Denis actually credits a lot of the success in the business to having a loyal customer base. He notes that a lot of his sales come from repeat customers. This only shows how effective his products truly are.

The brand was scooped up by New York based cosmetics company Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. They happen to be the industry leader and it just goes to show how successful Denis and his company has become. They have created an extremely powerful brand in the hair care industry in a relatively short period of time. Not only do they have a loyal customer base, but they also have the exclusive rights to sell products with Ojon oil in them. This gives them a huge competitive advantage and closes the barrier to entry for another hair care brand to come in and steal the ingredient or formula from under them. This is the main reason that the New York based company was so eager and willing to buy them out.

3 Tips When Considering Accounts Receivable Factoring

office picAlso referred to as accounts receivable discounting, this is a technique that is implemented by many companies that are facing situations where they are out a substantial amount of money. They may have sold products to people, giving them a line of credit, but to date they have not received any payments. This is a course of action that many young companies often do, thinking that people will be honest are forthright in keeping their credit account current. Unfortunately, things do occur in regard to businesses, negative problems that can lead to an inability to pay, or even bankruptcy, at which point accounts receivable factoring should be considered.

3 Tips With Accounts Receivable Factoring

The first thing that you need to consider is what portion of accounts receivable you would like to sell off to another company. Obviously, you don’t want to sell everything because there are some companies that are going to eventually pay you that actually have a good reputation in the industry. Once you have narrowed down the portion of accounts receivable that you would like to sell off, you have to consider the different businesses that will buy this debt from you. In the same way that you would not choose the first automobile and dealership that you see to get the best price, you also need to evaluate the many companies that provide this type of service. The second tip is to always act as quickly as possible to minimalize your losses. The amount of money that you are not receiving from these businesses can be partially given to you through the purchase of your accounts receivable factoring. This will give you more capital to work with in order to make your company more profitable throughout the year. In the final tip is to make sure that this does not happen again by not advancing credit to companies that you do not know that much about, something that typically leads to this problem originating.

Now that you have a better idea of what factoring is in regard to accounts receivable, if you do have a substantial amount of debt that is owed to you from people that have not paid for quite some time, selling this debt may be your best option. It may take a little bit of time to convince yourself that this much loss is actually a good idea. You simply have to be realistic, realizing that some of those that you money are not going to pay and to cut your losses as quickly as possible.