What To Consider When Purchasing A Tonneau Cover

Tonneau Cover by Extang
Tonneau Cover by Extang

Do you have a pickup truck and want to buy a tonneau cover? Tonneaus are one of the most popular accessories to upgrade or enhance a truck. Sometimes referred to as a truck bed cover, Extang tonneau covers come in all sizes and can be installed on almost any type of pickup truck. It does not matter if you use your truck for business or leisure, your truck will benefit greatly from a tonneau cover. Tonneau covers can be a major investment in your truck, so it is important to know what you are buying. When you are looking to purchase a tonneau cover, there are a few questions you should ask before making your decision.

The first is why are you adding a tonneau to your truck? Are you looking for security, function, versatility, looks,or easy removal? Another important question is if you want a hard or soft cover. The hard tonneau covers will generally be more expensive, but they do offer much more security than the soft tonneau covers. Soft tonneau covers, on the other hand, cost less but offer more versatility.

A few other questions you should ask yourself are how often do you need to use your truck bed and what for? If you will need quick access daily, then you should consider a retracting, folding or hinged design. These all offer easy and quick access to the truck bed and the tailgate. Some hard tonneau covers can also be locked, providing additional security. If you select a hinging cover, it can be a challenge to completely remove them. A folding cover is easier to manipulate and allows access to the entire bed when open. As you look for tonneau covers, consider what you can afford. Most soft covers run from $150 to$500 while hardcovers typically begin around $500 and range up to $2,000.

Another consideration is how you get get the cover installed. If you have even limited mechanical skills, you can probably install either type of tonneau cover in about an hour. You may also have a professional install your new cover. It is extremely important to ensure the cover is lined up correctly on the rails or the cover may not close properly. You should consider the height of your truck and if you will leave the tonneau cover on all the time or take it off occasionally.

You will also need to decide if you want a tonneau cover that is mounted on the top of the bed rail or inside the bed. If you mount the cover inside the bed, you retain access to the bed rail so you can use tie downs. It will also be necessary to install some type of bed rail caps. Factory bed caps will work with tonneau covers, as will some aftermarket caps. It is best to use molded or stainless steel caps if you have aftermarket bed caps.

Purchasing a tonneau cover is an important decision. Extang tonneau covers are some of the best on the market and are always a good choice.